Why are Cubans protesting? Examining the nation’s disappointment with the Communist Party

Lillian Guerra:

I think that they are very unwilling.

In April, the Cuban Communist Party held its latest Congress. They said at the Congress that they were committed to the idea that social media and the Internet and all the means by which Cubans are expressing them are an affront to the nation, that they are anti-Cuban and that they are a source of subversion.

So, that was several months ago, yes, but, so far, the tune has not changed. And the story line has pretty much gotten narrower, as Miguel Diaz-Canel has gone on television accusing those protesting of being vulgar criminals, of being mercenaries.

And none of that is believable. The people who are protesting are your neighbors, the people you know. There are people of all backgrounds. And the diversity of that community of Cubans in every place that they are protesting makes it really difficult for this to be discredited according to the traditional means.

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