Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on rewriting the Capitol attack, defunding police

Amy Walter:

… for what happened there. We know a commission is going to begin lacking into this. We know the FBI is looking into this.

More stuff is going to come out. People videotaped themselves doing the damage, being proud of the damage that they — that they did.

But what is really worrisome, Judy, is not just, you didn’t see this, this wasn’t really what happened, but they continued attacks on this rigged election, and this idea that, ultimately, this election this president, that President Biden, is illegitimate.

And once you undermine faith in democracy, once losers believe that they only lost because it was unfair, you have lost everything. Our system works as well as it does because losers know at some time they are going to be winners, and winners know at some point they are going to be losers, and that balances this out.

It cannot be sustained, this level of attack, on the very foundation of our democracy, when 75 percent of Republicans believe that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president, when more and more people believe that this election truly was rigged, when people who stood up against the president, now he’s personally attacking them for not doing something illegal.

That is a really big problem that is going to go beyond whatever Donald Trump says on FOX.

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