Texas Dems encouraging federal takeover of elections, GOP Rep. Taylor says

Rep. Van Taylor:

Well, I — and, look, unfortunately, in my experience, and — in the Texas legislature and in Congress, I have run into voter fraud. And it’s a very upsetting thing when you find it. It’s deeply upsetting because you realize someone’s vote was taken from them.

And you also realize that people were elected that should not have been elected. And that’s not right. And so I think you want to make sure that you have a system that’s foolproof, that’s airtight.

And, look, I have worked on those kinds of bills in the Texas legislature. And most of those I passed were largely bipartisan, because, mostly, people agree on how you want to make your elections more secure.

But, sometimes, these Washington, D.C., ideas infect into Austin, and that’s why you’re seeing this kind of partisanship and this brinksmanship of leaving the state, getting out of your — not doing your own job, and then the hypocrisy of trying to lecture other people how they should do their jobs.

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