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SINGAPORE – Home-grown actress Chantalle Ng once made a trip back to Mediacorp at 11pm because she forgot she had driven to work that morning.

The 26-year-old shared the anecdote of her absent-mindedness on social media on Monday (July 12).

After completing her work that evening, the star of Channel 8 series My Star Bride (2021) even waited for about an hour for the surge pricing for car bookings to drop as it was peak hour then.

It was only when she reached home that she realised that she had left her car at Mediacorp.

She was faced with a dilemma as the fare via a booked car back to Mediacorp was extremely high, while it would take her 45 minutes and a 15-minute walk if she took public transport.

Ng, who is the daughter of veteran actress Lin Meijiao, said she had to get her car that night as she needed it very early the next day.

In the end, she took the MRT and alighted at one-north, the nearest station to Mediacorp.

She reached the premises at about 11pm and the security guard asked her why she was back so late.

“I forgot the car,” she replied. Both of them then stared at each other in silence for a few seconds.

Ng, who played a Vietnamese bride in My Star Bride, is making a cameo appearance in the upcoming long-form drama The Heartland Hero.

She will be acting again with actor Xu Bin, who played her husband in My Star Bride. Their pairing in the television series has been well-received, with some viewers calling for a sequel.

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