Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Admitted to São Paulo Hospital for Intestinal Obstruction

SÃO PAULO—Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was transported by air late Wednesday afternoon for medical treatment in São Paulo after his doctor diagnosed him with an intestinal obstruction earlier in the day in the capital, Brasília.

Mr. Bolsonaro was admitted to the Vila Nova Star hospital, where he underwent a series of tests, according to a statement from his doctor, Antonio Macedo. As of Wednesday evening, Mr. Bolsonaro had not required surgery.

Dr. Macedo had examined the president earlier Wednesday in Brasília and determined that Mr. Bolsonaro, who is 66 years old, had an intestinal obstruction. His doctors provided no further information on what had caused the obstruction or how long Mr. Bolsonaro might be hospitalized.

Earlier in the day, the former army captain had been admitted to an army hospital in the capital. His press office initially attributed his health problems to hiccups.

The president has had abdominal problems since his 2018 campaign for president, when a deranged man stabbed him in the street as he was thronged by supporters. Doctors saved his life in the operating room, and Mr. Bolsonaro recovered and went on to win the country’s highest office. Doctors have operated on him an unknown number of times since the first surgery.

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