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My Birthday Wish 

David Tao
711 Birthday Live Concert

Taiwanese singer-songwriter David Tao turned 52on Sunday (July 11), but his fans were the ones who got a present instead.

To celebrate the occasion, the Golden Melody Award winner performed an online concert that lasted almost two hours, singing hits such as My Anata and Everything’s Gone.

Many of his celebrity friends, such as Chinese singer Tiger Hu, Taiwanese musician Weibird Wei and Singaporean superstar JJ Lin, sent congratulatory videos. Tao also poked fun at some of the hairstyles and outfits he had previously spotted.

Giving Strength online concerts

Taiwan’s General Association of Chinese Culture has collaborated with independent record label Taiwan Colors Music to put together a series of concerts airing in July, in a bid to show support for front-line medical workers battling Covid-19.

The first episode, which lasted around an hour, went live on July 9 and featured Taiwanese band Quarterback, indigenous musician Sangpuy Katatepan Mavaliyw, folk singer-songwriter Misi Ke and singer Dan Hsueh.

Ke, who wore a mask, sang Light Pollution and Cast Away in her signature pristine voice, strumming a guitar. Quarterback, whose members also donned masks, performed their song Stuck In The Past.

The second episode will go live at 8pm on Friday (July 16), with episodes three and four airing on July 23 and 30 respectively.


Omega X
3 stars

The mini-album Vamos is a credible first effort by new 11-member South Korean boy band Omega X.

AA MPICKS2 150721
South Korean boy band Omega X. PHOTO: OMEGA X / FACEBOOK

Its title track is catchy, with dollops of heavy brass synths and a repetitive, though formulaic, chorus. The nifty, energy-packed choreography in the music video saves the number from being forgettable.

The upbeat Icetag, which mixes influences from hip-hop and Latin music, is worth a listen, as is electronic dance music-influenced track Omega X.

In the closing song Younger, the band slow things down, reminiscing about a simpler, more innocent time.

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