The home screen widget is an enhancement that the iPhone dreams of and a new design when the official version of iOS 14 was revealed at the September fall conference. Widgets could only be concealed in the far corners at first. The aesthetic impact on the main screen is more intuitive, and information browsing is faster. This post will explain how to use the iOS 14 main screen widget app. If you want to make your iPhone more useful, read this post right away.

The weather in my area

If you prefer something more attractive and textured than the “weather” widget on the iOS 14 home screen, try My Weather, which can show real-time weather, forecasts, weather indexes, air quality, and globe weather, as well as provide assistance. I think you’ll like it because it has up to 9 main screen widgets.

Widgets for Color

Do you want to put a picture of yourself on your desktop that is both beautiful and handsome? It’s OK that we can’t change the built-in photo widgets. Color Widgets allow you to personalize the background. You may also incorporate the time, date, and device battery status, which is a mix of many devices, in addition to adjusting the font style.

Simple Photo Widget

Picture Widget: Simple may be used to replace the built-in photo widget if you just want to show personalized photographs on your desktop. As for the style Optional 4 grids and 8 grids, you may pick a carousel of up to 30 photographs that can be configured to spin automatically every minute, hour, and day.


You may utilize the Post-it feature to bring up the iPhone desktop and the note-and-sticker function. This gadget resembles a genuine 3M note and sticker. It may write by hand and then save the letter by clicking on Favorite. On the desktop, there is a copy of the paper.


If you want your iPhone’s home screen to appear more like Android’s, you should check out Google’s new home screen widget feature. After iOS 14 allows home screen widgets, it can only be argued that Google has perfected the integration of search, camera, and voice tools. Also available is incognito mode, which allows you to start Chrome search right from your desktop.



Choose “English” if you wish to build your moral character via ancient English poetry and literature. On the main screen, different celebrity poetry will be broadcast from time to time. Simple white and calligraphy typefaces are used to convey poetry and phrases in this way. It also has two sizes: 24 and 44, so if any of the poems are lengthier, the entire poem may be seen.

Cube Period Countdown

It’s designed for girls’ menstrual period trackers, and it can be linked to the phone’s built-in period tracking feature, as well as swiftly recording your own menstrual period. You may use the Cube Cycle Tracker to add the next menstrual period to your desktop and see when it will come. The cute square symbol is used in the style, which is extremely cute. This is a great product for women to use.


Although iOS has a screen usage timer, I believe that many people will forget to click to access information after a lengthy period of time. If you are a mobile phone addict, you will pick up your phone at all hours of the day and night to monitor it for a few minutes. You’ll sense something is amiss if you don’t look at it. You may utilize Off-screen in conjunction with the built-in screen time feature to figure out how many times and for how long you’ve used your iPhone today. When you see the figures every day, you feel panicked. Using desktop data can be beneficial. Assist you in overcoming your smartphone addiction.

Water Minder

The most important thing that office employees miss is exercise. They don’t get enough water, and they don’t get enough exercise. Fitness, music, and “Water Minder” may all be mixed on the workout table. They not only regenerate vitality, but they also make sure to replenish the quantity of water they need for the day.

Unwind – Mindful Breathing, Vitality Timing

Every day will have a set routine, such as rest after work, exercising, reading, sleeping, and so on. You’ll need a timer to record, and you may utilize “Vitality Timer” to help you out. The countdown may be started with a single click.

Unwind – Mind-full Breathing is a decompression tool that allows you to record your “mindfulness” for a day. The goal is to “really live in the moment.” The software offers three scenarios: a new day, relaxation, and improved sleep, all of which can help you wake up feeling refreshed. In the evening, you may use breathing to regulate and calm your anger and tension, as well as see the current record and total duration on the main screen.

Unified invoice to award machine + invoice passbook

An invoice passbook must be installed for people who are used to utilizing electronic invoicing. This tool can display the vehicle’s barcode. It may also be seen on the iPhone’s home screen, but is it really essential to put it on the homepage only to fill up space? Or just put it on the widget page on the left? It is up to everyone to make their own decision.

Unwind – Vitality Timing, Mindful Breathing

Every day will follow a fixed schedule, which will include things like resting after work, exercising, reading, sleeping, and so on. To record, you’ll need a timer, and you may use “Vitality Timer” to assist you out. With a simple click, the countdown may begin.

Unwind : Mindful Breathing is a decompression tool that lets you track your “mindfulness” over the course of a day. “Really live in the moment” is the objective. The programmer provides three scenarios: a new day, relaxation, and better sleep, all of which can help you feel more refreshed when you wake up. On the main screen, you may utilize breathing to manage and calm your anger and stress in the evening, as well as monitor the current record and total length.


Do you want to know how many steps you take on a daily basis? Even if you don’t purchase an Apple Watch, you can access the data via your iPhone. If you want it to appear on your desktop, select “Pedometer.”

IOS14 desktop gadgets in a nutshell

Mr. Crazy has put up a list of iOS 14 useful desktop gadgets for you. You may adjust the size of the display to meet your own requirements. 22 is a dynamic icon that does not take up any space, for example. There are even several applications available. It also comes in two sizes: 24 and 44, and it may display a variety of data. The main screen is designed to allow for faster transmission of information on the desktop as well as interaction with users.

Currently, the experience of gadgets on iOS 14’s main screen is extremely varied in terms of practicality, and even allows messages to be delivered straight without opening the App. Each device has its own set of surprises. Please send a remark if you find any more handy desktop gadgets to share with us.

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