On July 13, 2021, Harley-Davidson (hereinafter referred to as Harley) launched the epoch-making product Sportster S. As a new model of the Harley Sportsman series, the Sportster S has changed the traditional impression and displayed an extremely sporty and modern image. The brand new Revolution Max water-cooled 60° V-twin engine is installed. In addition, from the perspective of the overall structure of the body, it also completely got rid of the double cradle frame used by the Sportster car series, and thoroughly stimulated the Sportster S gene through the characteristics of more modern street cars.


From the side, the Sportster S model has more curl and power. The fuel tank and tail structure frame the engine and form the main core component of the motorcycle; the large front wheel is reminiscent of the bobber-style retro motorcycle’s baffle-free front wheel; while the tail, high-level exhaust pipes and simple The atmospheric single seat is inspired by the Harley-Davidson XR750 Flat Tracker model; the thick inverted front fork design and wide-body tires also show the high-performance highlights of this sports motorcycle.


The Sportscaster S is equipped with a 43mm inverted front fork provided by SHOWA and a single SHOWA Piggyback rear shock absorber; the rear suspension uses a convenient knob located on the left side of the motorcycle for hydraulic preload and rebound adjustment; a light weight with a staggered five-spoke design Quality cast aluminum wheels with wide Dunlop/Harley-Davidson GT503 tires; Brembo brake components ensure great braking feel and performance; Front brakes feature Brembo radial four-piston calipers and 320mm diameter discs, which are also part of this high performance The product appears for the first time in the Sportscaster lineup.


The engine is equipped with a lightweight magnesium alloy cover, highlighted by Chocolate Satin. From the texture to the color, to the details of the finish, the new style exhaust pipe adopts a 2-1-2 high design, which is also a tribute to the XR750 Flat Tracker that once galloped on the field.

The power system of this motorcycle is a motorcycle chassis structural component, which eliminates the traditional frame, greatly reduces the total body volume, and maintains a tight feeling of handling. The tubular steel swingarm features a bracing design and stamped X-members that reinforce the chassis while adding a unique design touch to the motorcycle.


Sportster S models feature a host of technologies that enhance the riding experience—three pre-programmed and self-selectable default ride modes (Sport, Road, and Rain) give riders an even higher-tech feel for controlling the bike; two custom Modes can be used to set a specific set of performance characteristics to suit the rider’s personal preferences or to deal with other special situations. The Harley-Davidson Cornering Enhancement Technology has upgraded the rider’s cornering safety configuration, which can improve the performance of the motorcycle during acceleration, deceleration and
braking. By increasing the traction in a straight line or turning, the rider’s safety can be better guaranteed. , and also increases the rider’s confidence in special situations or unfavorable road conditions.

The 4-inch circular color TFT screen can display all instrument information, and supports the rider to control the infotainment system through mobile phone Bluetooth, including music, caller ID, and navigation functions provided by the Harley-Davidson APP. The all-LED lighting design includes Day maker’s signature LED headlights for even lighting, eliminating distracting “noise”. The unique oval shape design of the headlights complements the design style of the front end of the motorcycle, allowing the Sportster S model to be easily identified by the riders.


Forward-facing foot controls and low handlebars allow Sportster S riders to enjoy riding in a more sturdy position; with an unladen seat height of 750mm, it’s low enough for most riders to put their feet on the ground when parked . In addition, the Sportster S comes with heated handlebar accessories to help riders increase comfort in cold weather, two dedicated power points for heated riding gear, and a Type-C port for cell phone or other device charging. Standard equipment on the motorcycle also includes cruise control and a safety alert system.


The birth of the Sportster S has laid the foundation for the development goal of the next-generation Sportster series. At the same time, a more sporty and younger style also indicates the changes of Harley in recent years. Although the classics have always been the same, the market is now dominated by consumers. The post-80s and post-90s generation It is the main force among them, both at home and abroad. We are happy to see Harley’s transformation, and Harley has responded to our expectations with excellent products, as is the case with the Pan America and Sportster S. At present, the Sportster S has been officially released in the United States, with a price of about 97,000 Yuan. The domestic market is expected to be introduced in the fourth quarter.

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