Hello guys,

Today I am going to give you my opinion about everything that surrounds the world of blogging.

Blogging is as easy as you want and as complicated as you let it 🙂

A few days ago a student asked me:

“Oscar, for my blog to be successful, do I have to become friends with the famous bloggers?”

The question at first made me laugh but after thinking I came to the conclusion that the answer is not so simple.

Having a blog is as easy as sitting down to put together letters with a certain meaning and above all, thinking how can I help more people through my blog?

The problem comes when you start a blog with all your enthusiasm and you don’t get the results you expected.

If you’re not as successful as you’d hoped, it’s tempting to think “Known bloggers are linking to each other and if you’re not friends with them you have nothing to do”.

Thinking the above has several bad things:

  • You have no control over it
  • You put your failure on the shoulders of people you don’t even know
  • It’s false 🙂

It is true that the internet is like the real world, the more people you meet, the easier it is for them to talk about you and the more people you have reach.

But if there is something that I like about the internet, it is precisely that you can succeed without making a “ball” for anyone and you only depend on yourself to achieve it. Be careful with this phrase, we are not an island and the more sociable you are, the easier it is to succeed.

But there is nothing more sociable than “add value”.

If you are able to help other people you will do well, period.

Internet is very small, just like your town…. einnn?

Really, I have not lost my mind, the internet is very small. If you do the exercise of searching on a certain topic you will realize that there are 15-20 blogs that people always share and this fact can frustrate you if you are not one of them.

Seriously, don’t focus on that, focus on your content being “fucking good”. And even if you don’t have millions of visits, you will have segmented visits that are looking for very specific topics, topics in which you are showing that you know.

In a second phase you will worry that they will link you more but only doing that will do you good.

Do you want to be known or to be rich?

A very curious topic of the blogosphere is that we tend to believe that the best-known blogs are the ones that earn the most money… wrong!!!!!

Nor are the blogs with the most visits the ones that earn the most, but not by far.

Monetizing a blog is not the same as getting an audience; you would be surprised how many blogs with visits are not profitable.

On the other hand, blogs with very few visits can be money-making cannon.

Does what I say make sense?

Your income will depend on:

  •  Segmentation
  • Purchase interest of your audience
  • prove your worth
  • something to sell

If you feel comfortable trying to be a famous blogger, do it but keep in mind that this by itself will not earn you income.

Be the kind of blogger you want to be, if you don’t like it sooner or later you’ll quit.

Being a blogger is precious, enjoy it 😉

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