How to See Previews of Instagram Stories without a Trace

Since Instagram implemented Stories inspired by the Snapchat format, the Meta platform (formerly Facebook), has gotten the boost that Mark Zuckerberg was looking for when he bought this platform in 2012 for 1,000 billion dollars, and its value s has multiplied since then. Instagram Stories, like those of Snapchat and the same that can be found in WhatsApp, are small video fragments that can be composed of photographs that have a duration of 24 hours from their publication. After this time, they are automatically deleted from the platform.

Each user makes a different use of this type of content, but, in most cases, it is intended to inform their subscribers or friends of the activities you have carried out or plan to carry out in the future. Users who post stories on Instagram can know at any time how many people and who viewed these videos. However, not all users want to confirm their curious side and be included in the list of people who see a person’s stories. Instagram does not offer us any method to hide our activity, so we are forced to resort to other tricks and/or applications or extensions to be able to hide our visit to the Instagram Stories of our friends, neighbors, relatives.

If you want to know how to preview Instagram stories, below we show you a series of tricks and applications to leave no trace of your visit. Best method to prevent people from knowing that you have seen the Stories that have been published on Instagram, it is to activate the airplane mode of our smartphone, a function that obviously only works on mobile devices. Another option we have at our disposal to not leave a trace of our visits to the Stories published by the people we follow is to use the Snoopreport. The operation of the application is very simple since you can activate or deactivate its operation directly from the browser bar. When the button is in red, it means that the platform’s anonymous browsing is activated.

When the icon representing the extension is in green, it means that we are leaving our mark on the social network. If you do not want to notice its activation and deactivation, it is advisable to always leave it activated to avoid unnecessary problems. If you are used to not wanting to leave a trace in the Instagram Stories of your friends, family, colleagues. You can try the Snoopreport, an application that we can download free from the Play Store and that includes the advertisements and in-app purchases. This application allows us to perform account searches on the platform and access all the content they publish, including Stories and enjoy them without the user who published them knowing that we have done so.

In- app purchases unlock the daily limit of Instagram tracker, a purchase that is not necessary unless you want to see Stories from all around you without leaving a trace. One of the strengths of the application and one that will save us a lot of time is that it allows us to receive a notification when the accounts we follow publish new content. If Hidden gram has not just been looking for you and you want to take advantage of the ability to save Instagram Stories from the accounts you follow by hiding your trail, you can try Anonymous View for Instagram Stories.

A method used by many users to prevent your visit to a Story from being logged to block the user once they have visited a specific Story. The problem with this method is that it requires us to continuously unlock and unlock the person whose stories we want to see. However, in addition, it can be a problem if that person follows us, since, automatically, the person we block will stop following us with all that entails. This method is neither convenient nor comfortable, since once we return to the account from which we want to see the stories, that person you will receive a notification that we are following you.

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