Amazon Prime is a service we often hear about, especially during the hot times of the year when it comes to online offers, such as Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday . There are many advantages that the subscription to Amazon Prime offers its users, even if many are convinced it is just a way to pay less for shipments, especially useful if during the year we make a large amount of orders from Amazon.

Over the years, the Amazon Prime service has been enriched with new opportunities for users , starting from free fast delivery for all products with Prime shipping to a whole series of additional services that we can use, such as Amazon Prime Video , the service of video streaming of the giant of Jeff Bezos, or Amazon Cloud Drive, a storage space on the Cloud where we can store our personal data such as photos and documents.


  • What is Amazon Prime
  • How Amazon Prime Works
  • How much does Amazon Prime cost
  • Amazon Prime Shipping
  • Amazon Prime products
  • Amazon Prime exclusive offers
  • Amazon Prime Payments
  • All the benefits of Amazon Prime
  • How to subscribe to Amazon Prime

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is an annual or monthly membership program that Amazon makes available to its users, and is made up of numerous benefits. What most users use consciously concerns product shipments, in particular those that benefit from the wording “Prime Shipping” on the purchase page and which are for the most part free shipping for Prime users.

Among the other benefits for users who subscribe to this subscription are exclusive promotions, movies and TV series on Amazon Prime Video, listening to music on Amazon Music Unlimited, unlimited space for storing photos on Amazon Photos and many others, right to name a few.

How Amazon Prime Works

In order to take advantage of Amazon Prime, you must subscribe for a monthly or annual subscription: you can also try the service for 30 days without any commitment, so you can test the service before deciding if it is worth spending money for this service offered by Amazon.

You will therefore need to register an account with our email address, in order to have an Amazon account with which to upgrade to Amazon Prime. The benefits will be immediately available for our account as soon as we decide to upgrade to the Prime version.

How much does Amazon Prime cost

The registration fee for the service provides for two payment methods: annual or monthly. If we decide to pay every month the cost will be 3.99 euros per month, while if we opt for the annual subscription the cost will be 36 euros per year.

In recent years, the cost was significantly lower, almost half: for 19.90 Euros a year you could take advantage of Amazon Prime and its advantages, but the online sales giant has significantly expanded its shipping services as well as the offer of services, for which the almost doubled cost is amply justified.

If you don’t make many purchases during the year but manage to concentrate them in the months full of offers, such as November or July, then the monthly subscription to the Prime service could allow you to save a lot on the shipment of products. If, on the other hand, you buy on a rather regular basis, or often use the additional benefits of Amazon Prime, surely after a quick calculation you will agree that it is worth paying the annual subscription fee.

Amazon Prime Shipping

One of the advantages of the service is to be able to take advantage of free and fast shipping on items available with Prime shipping. Depending on the availability and proximity of the delivery address, Amazon’s shipping methods are different: for example, Delivery Today shipping is only available in the Milan and Rome area. Amazon’s shipping methods are as follows:

  • Standard shipping (3/5 working days): free above 29 euros, otherwise 2.70 / 3.99 / 6.99 euros depending on the type of purchase
  • Fast shipping (3 working days): at no additional cost for Prime customers, for others at 3.99 euros
  • Shipping 2 days : at no additional cost for Prime customers with delivery in 2 working days, for others at 5.99 euros
  • 1 day shipping : at no additional cost for Prime customers with delivery in 1 working day, for others at 5.99 euros
  • Shipping Morning : delivery by 12 noon the following day at 5.99 euros for Prime customers, for others at 10 euros per shipment plus 2 euros per item
  • Shipping Delivery Today (Milan and Rome area only): delivery between 18:30 and 21:30 at 3.99 euros or at no additional cost for orders with a value equal to or greater than 29 euros for Prime customers, for others at 8 , 99 euros per shipment
  • Prime Now Shipping (Milan and Rome area only): delivery within 1 hour at 7.99 euros, delivery within two hours at 3.49 euros for orders below 50 euros and without additional costs for orders over 50 euros
  • Shipping with scheduled delivery : delivery from Monday to Friday in the chosen time slot at 4.49 euros for Prime customers, for others at 10.49 euros

Shipments are entrusted to express courier or Poste, but in some areas packages are increasingly delivered by personnel under the direct control of Amazon, with the possibility of receiving packages even on Saturdays.

You can also buy with your Prime account at,,, and in that case the shipping will always have a cost, visible on the summary page.

Amazon Prime products

When we are looking for a product to buy, we can check if the item benefits from the Amazon Prime shipping options directly from the purchase page: a second confirmation will be visible during the order finalization process.

What are the items that use Amazon Prime shipping? Almost all products sold on directly from Amazon have free delivery and Express / 1 day delivery methods, but not only that: even Marketplace sellers who use Amazon Fulfillment are eligible to ship their items with the same. mode of Amazon Prime products. We therefore pay attention when we need an article in a short time and we select only products that benefit from Prime shipping.

Amazon Prime exclusive offers

Not only shipping, but also advantages when purchasing products: Amazon Prime customers can purchase exclusive products that are not available to non-Prime users, and also have the ability to access items on the Flash Offer 30 minutes in advance of to normal users.

This does not mean that the items are available exclusively to Prime users: the items in the flash offers and those exclusively for Prime users are available while stocks or the offer are exhausted. This type of early and exclusive access is very useful on the occasion of Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, when having access to Amazon discounts in advance can make the difference between buying an item at a greedy price or going dry.

Amazon Prime Payments

We can make payments for products purchased on Amazon benefiting from the Prime subscription in complete safety, with the same payment methods that we would use on a normal account. We can decide to pay for our purchases by credit / debit card, through the Amazon account balance that we can increase with the credit of a good gift or by making a top-up at the cash desk at one of the affiliated merchants, or add a bank account and connect it directly, to our Amazon account.

All the benefits of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is not just free shipping on millions of products: included in the subscription are a whole series of exclusive benefits that increase from year to year. We highly doubt that many are aware of for example Prime Reading or Twitch Prime service, both of which are included in the Prime subscription. Here are all the exclusive benefits:

  • Amazon Prime Video: Amazon’s video streaming service, allows access to Amazon Original content such as The Grand Tour and American Gds as well as TV series and movies on compatible PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, Kindle Fire and smart TVs. The service is available at
  • Amazon Prime Music: is a music streaming service similar to Spotify and YouTube Music that allows Prime customers to listen, store and manage music anywhere with a monthly limit of 40 hours of listening and with a catalog of over 2 million songs. The service is available at the website.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited: if Prime Music is not enough for you, Amazon Prime customers benefit from the exclusive annual subscription for € 99 (2 months saving compared to the 12-month monthly subscription) to Music Unlimited: in this way we will be able to listen to songs, download them and manage them anywhere without listening limits, without advertising and with a catalog of over 50 million songs and personalized content.
  • Amazon Prime Reading: This service allows you to access hundreds of eBooks and comics from your Kindle Fire, Kindle device, or through the Kindle app for iOS and Android. Amazon Preview Deals : to be able to access Flash Deals on 30 minutes in advance.
  • Amazon Photos – A cloud photo storage service similar to Google Photos. With the Prime subscription you can store an unlimited number of photos.
  • Twitch Prime: thanks to a partnership, customers who link their Amazon account on which the Prime subscription is active to that of can benefit every month from a subscription to a Twitch channel, games and in-game content without additional fees and view streaming content on Twitch.
  • Amazon Pantry : Allows you to shop a wide range of everyday items including bulky and bulky products.
  • Amazon Family allows you to benefit from a 15% discount on periodic deliveries of a selection of diapers through the Subscribe and save program.

Were you aware of all the benefits included in Amazon Prime membership? No? Well, now you know how to make the most of your Prime membership.

How to subscribe to Amazon Prime

Subscribing to Amazon Prime is simple: just click here to start the 30-day free trial period. You will be prompted to enter a payment method, but no money will be deducted during the first month.

Remember that if you don’t turn off automatic renewal, Amazon will automatically charge your payment method for the month. If you only want to take advantage of the free trial of Prime for 30 days but you are not willing to continue the subscription, remember to disable the automatic renewal in your account settings.

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