GUIDELINES TO LOWER YOUR GOLD HANDICAP:If you play golf frequently and are a keen player, your handicap will constantly be on your mind since, as we all know, the lower your handicap; the more difficult it is to get better. For instance, a player with a 5 handicap could need years to get to scratch (zero handicap), and they might never get there! We asked a golf expert for some pointers on how to raise your game.

  1. Analyze your play and identify the areas that might be improved. How is your tee-to-green driving? Do you have good fairway woods? Your long irons are they straight? How are your approach shots on the green? Don’t forget to put, either. You can concentrate your efforts on implementing small adjustments by using the answers to questions like these.
  2. Take lessons; the golf pro at your neighborhood club will almost certainly be able to enhance your swing, and they charge by the hour. The pro will watch you hit a bucket of balls before beginning to coach you, and this gives him the knowledge he needs to improve your game. Every level of golfer can benefit from the pro’s assistance, and even other professionals will ask one another for advice.
  3. Play more. The more you play, the better your score will be. With an electric golf cart from a reputable Thai source, you can play 18 holes rather than just 9. If you live close to a course, get a membership and rearrange your schedule to make time for golf.
  4. Think about upgrading your clubs. If you have a half set of vintage Wilson clubs that have been helpful to you since you started playing, maybe it’s time to switch to alloy shafts, which should give your strokes more distance. If you feel there is space for improvement, visit golf pro’s shop and takes a few swings with various brands until you discover one that clicks. Only you know how well you connect with the clubs you use. A fresh set of woods and irons can truly make a significant impact; therefore it is worthwhile to look into this possibility more. Here are some suggestions for selecting between a public and private course:
  5. Use a golf cart walking the course will affect your performance; therefore it is advisable to hire an electric cart at the clubhouse so that the entire party may go together. In addition to the time you save, riding the buggy should give you more energy, which should result in a lower score. Since playing a walking round takes significantly less time when you ride the gold cart, many business people who value their time highly would never participate in one.

You won’t need me to remind you that in order to decrease your handicap, you must submit 3 cards with a score lower than your current handicap. This necessitates a certain degree of consistency, which can only be attained by investing the necessary time on the driving range and the course. You shouldn’t feel bad about playing so much golf since it’s healthy for your physical and emotional health.

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