China’s leader denounces calls for technology blockades

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Tuesday attacked calls from some in the U.S. and its allies to limit their dependency on Chinese suppliers and block the sharing of technologies.

In a speech to representatives of leftist political parties in more than 100 countries, Xi said China’s ruling Communist Party has succeeded in raising the country from poverty and created a new model of development.

Such experiences should be shared and no country should “obstruct the development of other countries and harm their people’s lives through political manipulation,” Xi said.

“We must jointly oppose anyone engaging in technological blockades, technological division and decoupling of development,” Xi said.

Decoupling has become a byword from some in the U.S. and elsewhere for ending dependency on Chinese supply lines, especially for high-tech products such as smart phones and computers.

Xi’s speech, carried live online, comes days after he delivered a defiant address marking the Communist Party’s centenary, saying China will not be bullied and will punish anyone who tries.

Xi tends to alter his tone depending on whether he’s speaking to a domestic or international audience, according to analysts.

“Xi is a risk taker but he is not reckless,” said Steve Tsang, director of the China Institute at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

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