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Enhance Your Home with 12mm Laminate Flooring: Installation and Maintenance Guide

12mm Laminate Flooring: There are many different possibilities for flooring, and it is important to think carefully about each one. You want to choose something that is not only pleasing to the eye but also long-lasting and simple to clean and maintain. Here is where the brilliance of 12mm laminate flooring can be seen. In this extensive article, we will delve into the world of 12mm laminate flooring and discuss everything from its advantages to its installation and upkeep. Let’s jump right in and find out why laminate flooring with a thickness of 12 millimetres is such a popular option among homeowners.

What is laminate flooring that is 12 millimetres thick?

Let’s get the fundamentals out of the way first before we get into the nitty-gritty of the situation.12mm Laminate flooring with a thickness of 12 millimetres is a type of synthetic flooring material that is well-known for both its thickness and its resilience. It is made up of a number of layers, all of which are laminated together so that they become one solid piece. Typically included in these layers are:

The Layer That Gets Worn

A laminate floor that is 12 millimetres thick will have a wear layer as its highest layer. It is essential to the floor’s defence against scrapes, stains, and the general wear and tear that occurs over time. This wear layer has a thickness of 12 millimetres and is both durable and long-lasting, making it ideal for use in places with a lot of foot activity.

The Layer Used for Decoration

12mm laminate flooring: the beauty and durability of 12mm laminate flooring. Our comprehensive guide covers installation, maintenance, and more. Get started today!

The ornamental layer can be found underneath the layer that is subject to wear. The aesthetics are going to come into play at this point. The look of hardwood, stone, and tile are just some of the materials that may be imitated by flooring with a thickness of 12 millimetres. The aesthetic attractiveness of laminate flooring has achieved remarkable levels of realism in recent years as a direct result of technological advancements in printing.

The Layer in the Centre

The core layer is responsible for giving the flooring its structural stability. This layer is especially thick in 12mm laminate flooring, which enhances the flooring’s stability and sound insulation capabilities. High-density fiberboard (HDF) or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is frequently used in the manufacturing process.

The Basis of Construction

Although it is not usually included, the underlayment is sometimes added to provide additional cushioning and a decrease in noise. It is really necessary for a pleasant and peaceful experience when walking.

Why Should You Go for a 12mm Laminate Floor?

Superior Longevity in Every Aspect

Homeowners frequently choose flooring made of laminate with a thickness of 12 millimetres due to its remarkable endurance. As a result of the large thickness of the boards, it is capable of withstanding significant amounts of foot activity, making it an excellent choice for households that include both children and animals.

Simple Setup Requirements

Putting in laminate flooring with a thickness of 12 millimetres is a simple task, particularly if you choose with the click-lock installation method. It is an option that is suitable for do-it-yourself projects and may save you both time and money on the costs of installation.

Several Distinct Styles

Whether you like the cosiness of oak, the sophistication of stone, or the adaptability of tile, 12 millimetre laminate flooring can accommodate all of your preferences. It is possible to get a broad variety of designs and hues that are suitable for use in interior design.

Simple in its upkeep

Cleaning laminate flooring with a thickness of 12 millimetres is an easy process. To maintain the beautiful appearance of your flooring, all that is required is routine sweeping and an occasional damp mopping. In addition to this, it is resistant to stains, which means that accidents such as spills won’t be a reason for alarm.

Pleasant to one’s wallet

Laminate flooring with a thickness of 12 millimetres is significantly more cost-effective than real hardwood or stone flooring. It is possible for you to appear the way you want without spending an excessive amount of money.

A Step-by-Step Instructional Guide for Installing 12mm Laminate Flooring

Let’s discuss the installation process now that you’ve been sold on the advantages of using laminate flooring with a thickness of 12 millimetres. The following is a step-by-step instruction that will assist you in getting started:

First, assemble all of the necessary equipment and components.

Check that you have all of the following ready before you start:

  • Planks of 12 millimetre laminate flooring
  • Underlayment (if you so want).
  • Saw
  • Tape used for measuring
  • Separators or Spacers
  • A hammer made of rubber
  • Blocking with taps
  • Forcing bar
  • Adhesive (only if it’s required)

In the second step, you will prepare the subfloor.

Make sure your subfloor is clean, dry, and level before you install it. Take up any old floor materials and remove any nails or staples you find. If you’ve decided to utilise an underlayment, now is the time to lay it down.

Step 3: Determine the Size and Make Cuts

Take into account the size of the space you’ll be working in when figuring out how many boards you’ll need. It is important to remember to take into consideration any doors or other abnormalities in the design of the room. Make the necessary incisions in the planks with a saw.

Proceed to Step 4 to start the Installation.

You should begin at one of the room’s corners and make your way to the wall on the other side. Make use of spacers to ensure that there is a uniform expansion gap all the way around the room’s perimeter.

The fifth step is to secure the planks.

12mm laminate flooring: A woman installing laminate flooring in her home.

Make the planks into a bridge by utilising the click-lock technique. It is recommended that you guarantee a secure fit by using a rubber mallet and tapping block. Carry on with this technique one row at a time.

Step 6: Bringing the Installation to a Close

Putting in the final row of boards will mark the completion of the installation. You will probably need to use a saw to trim them down to size.

The next step is to install the baseboards and trim.

Installing baseboards or quarter-round trim is the best way to hide the expansion gap and give the room a finished appearance.

Guidelines for the Care and Maintenance of Long-Lasting 12mm Laminate Flooring

The installation of your laminate flooring with a thickness of 12 millimetres is finally complete, and it looks amazing. Follow these upkeep recommendations to ensure that it remains in pristine condition:

  • Sweep or hoover the floor on a regular basis to keep dust and filth at bay.
  • Use a moist towel to quickly clean up any spills that have occurred.
  • Stay away from areas that have a lot of moisture since it might ruin the flooring.
  • Make use of furniture pads to protect your belongings from scuffs and dings.
  • Consider using rugs or mats anywhere there is a lot of foot activity.
  • Check the deck for any loose boards on a regular basis and fasten them as necessary.

The final word

The 12 millimetre laminate flooring provides an excellent balance between beauty and strength. Homeowners frequently opt for it because of its substantial nature, wide range of available styles, and relative simplicity of upkeep. Your 12 millimetre laminate flooring may be a beautiful addition to your house for many years to come if it is properly installed and maintained.


  1. Is laminate flooring with a thickness of 12 millimetres appropriate for use in bathrooms and kitchens?

It is possible to install laminate flooring with a thickness of 12 millimetres in both the kitchen and the bathroom; however, it is vital to wipe up any spills as soon as possible and to avoid exposing the flooring to an excessive amount of moisture.

  1. Is it possible to install laminate flooring with a thickness of 12 millimetres over an existing floor?

Yes, it is possible to put 12mm laminate flooring over an existing floor in the vast majority of situations. However, check to see that the floor that is there already is in excellent shape and is level.

  1. On average, how long does a floor made of 12mm laminate flooring last?

112mm Laminate flooring with a thickness of 12 millimetres can have a lifespan anywhere from 15 to 25 years, or even longer, if it is properly maintained and cared for.

  1. Is it possible for me to install the laminate flooring on my own?

Indeed, owing to its click-lock method, 12mm laminate flooring is famous for being extremely user-friendly and easy to install by oneself. However, if you are unsure about your abilities, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a specialist.

  1. Is laminate flooring with a thickness of 12 millimetres eco-friendly?

There are a number of firms who create environmentally friendly 12mm laminate flooring solutions with minimal VOC emissions and materials that are sustainable. Check the details of the product to see whether it has any certifications for being environmentally friendly.

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