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TAIPEI – Mandopop superstar Jay Chou’s daughter stole the limelight from her dad on her seventh birthday on Saturday (July 10), when they played a duet together on the piano.

In an Instagram post by his wife, model-actress Hannah Quinlivan, 27, which Chou subsequently reposted, the father and daughter are seen sitting side by side at a transparent grand piano.

Although their backs are to the camera, the scene of them playing Chou’s song Ukulele together was heartwarming, especially as he let her take the lead to play the main melody.

“My best birthday gift to Hathaway is her knowing how to play my song (but is this what she really wants?)” Chou, 42, wrote in the caption.

The little girl and her four-year-old brother Romeo started having music lessons since they were very young and appear to be musically inclined like their dad. Hathaway had in the past appeared in a post where she played the violin, while her brother had been seen strumming a guitar.

In fact, many commenters on Chou’s post praised the birthday girl’s piano skills and joked that she might release an album before him. His last album was 2016’s Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories.

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