Latest: Tropical Storm Elsa – forecast, path, & radar

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Elsa will bring tropical storm conditions to parts of New England Friday.

NEW ORLEANS — As of the 4 am NHC update, Elsa is inching closer to NYC. It has winds of 50 mph and moving northeast at 31 mph. 

Elsa will then track closer to New York City as early as Friday morning and then near Boston by Friday afternoon. It will continue to move NE towards Canada.

Currently there are no impacts expected along the Gulf Coast region. 

2021 Hurricane Season Outlook

The 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season is forecast to produce more storms than average. The reason for this is the lack of El Nino, which typically features more wind shear. We also expect warmer than average sea temperatures and an active West African Monsoon.

After a record-breaking 2020 hurricane season, we now know the Greek alphabet will no longer be used to name storms.

The World Meteorological Organization announced the Greek alphabet will not be used in the future because it “creates a distraction from the communication of hazard and storm warnings and is potentially confusing.”

There has been only one other season that used the extra set of names, and that was in 2005. The World Meteorological Organization released a new set of supplemental names that will be used if the season exhausts the standard list.

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