Inside This Beverly Hills Family Room, Glamour and Practicality Meet Halfway

Ryan Saghian’s client’s directive for the interiors of their 15,500 square-foot Victorian home in Beverly Hills was simple: “They wanted glitz and glamour,” he said. The request seemed appropriate for a grand, 6-bedroom, 8 bathroom home a stone’s throw from the swank Beverly Hills Hotel.

The family room had good bones—a 10-foot coffered ceiling (which Mr. Saghian said gives the space a “more upscale look”), french doors that opened onto a covered patio and a natural stone fireplace—so no major renovations were required. But the interior designer, who founded his eponymous Los Angeles-based firm five years ago and has said he’s inspired by “the opulence and glamour of Old Hollywood,” was challenged with balancing the client’s stylistic desires with more practical considerations in the room where they spend most of their time.

“They have a dog and three kids who are high school and college age. They have friends over all the time, they eat here and do homework here.”

For high-use pieces, like the large sectional, Mr. Saghian chose performance fabrics that can withstand a plethora of stains and be easily cleaned. “It is now much easier to create a beautiful, high-style room that is also durable,” he noted of the result, adding. “I do think, in the end, that it’s very glamorous.”

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